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Welcome to the Sicilian-American Heritage Wiki. This site is a project of The Sicilian-American Family Research Foundation, Inc., a non-profit created in order to bring a broader understanding of Sicilan culture and history to Americans, especially those of Sicilian descent. The Foundation also endeavors to document the stories of Americans of Sicilian extraction and their families.

We invite you to apply for a user account and add the history of your own family to the Wiki - the surnames of your ancestors, the locales from which they came (if you know them), their stories. By contributing your story, you enrich the entire tapestry of Sicilian-American history and ensure that it remains alive in perpetuity.

Adding a page is easy. Just type the surname, full name, location or story title you want into the Search box. If there is no page for that entry, you will see a link asking you to create one. Click on it, then simply type your entry into the text edit area. If there is a page for that entry, you can click on the link and then choose the Edit tab on the page to add information to the page.

Please be careful in editing existing pages. The information entered by others is important. We do not want it deleted. You can add your own information but please do not alter what others have written.

How To Add Your Family's Information

We will soon have detailed instructions on how to add and edit pages to this Wiki. In the meantime, you can go to The Sicilian-American Foundation's website's Surname Database Form and submit your information. We will then add it to the appropriate page(s) on the Wiki.

Foundation Surname Database


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